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Tryout Process

All players are must attend tryout session(s).  In the spring, an initial evaluation is typically held although not this year.  Those players making through the first round of tryouts will be placed on a call back list for the final tryout date. The final tryout dates will be held in late August prior to the start of the school year.  This year there is only one tryout date per grade.  We are still in modified mode due to the issues with Covid.

In addition to the tryout process, club coaches provide the Program Director an evaluation and assessment of each player on their roster if they made a team the previous year. Coaches evaluations are confidential and used only during the tryout process. Player's basketball skills as we well as their attitude, hustle and listening skills are evaluated during the tryout process.

New students enrolling in 4th though 8th grades in the Pewaukee School District in the following fall school year will be given the opportunity to tryout during the second date.  Please contact us as soon you have enrolled into the Pewaukee School District or moved into the Pewaukee District boundary lines and prior to the second tryout date.

After the completion of the tryout process, all team rosters are announced on the Pewaukee Basketball Club's web site.

2021 - Tryouts Completed & Rosters Announced

All participants need to wear black and white during the tryout session. 

Please bring two t-shirts if needed or reversible jersey from Jr. Pirates program or practice jersey from last season.


Dave Schill


Contact Us

For more information about the Pewaukee Basketball Club, Inc., please email us at  Thank you for your interest in our Club.