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Welcome to the Pewaukee Basketball Club

Pewaukee Basketball Club, Inc. offers two distinct programs within the boundaries of the Pewaukee School District.  While Pewaukee Basketball Club, Inc. has a working relationship with the Pewaukee School District, we are a stand alone organization.

Jr. Pirate program is a recreational-based program designed to introduce the game of basketball to beginners in 1st grade through kids looking to participate through 6th grade.  The program focuses on teaching and developing basic fundamental skills, having fun and learning the values of being part of a team and displaying good sportsmanship.  Please visit the 'Jr. Pirates' tab to learn more about the Jr. Pirate program.

Club Program exposes and offers kids a higher level of competition while developing fundamental basketball skills. Player development is stressed and disciplined, team-oriented play is emphasized.  Practice time and advanced training are provided to enhance the skills of each player with the goal and vision of having players ready to play at the high school level. Please visit the 'Club' tab to learn more about the Club Program.

Pewaukee Basketball Tournaments

December 3, 2016

4th Grade Boys - FULL

5th Grade Boys - FULL

6th Grade Boys - (3) Spot Available

7th Grade Boys - FULL

8th Grade Boys - (5) Spot Available

December 10 & 11, 2016

4th Grade Boys - (4) Spots Available

5th Grade Boys - (2) Spots available

6th Grade Boys - (3) Spots Available

7th Grade Boys - FULL

8th Grade Boys - (1) Spot Available

January 14 & 15, 2017


  • 4th Grade - (4) Spots Available
  • 5th Grade - (1) Spot Available
  • 6th Grade - FULL 
  • 7th Grade - FULL
  • 8th Grade - (1) Spot Available


  • 4th Grade - (5) Spots Available
  • 5th Grade - (4) Spots Available
  • 6th Grade - (1) Spot Available
  • 7th Grade - FULL
  • 8th Grade - (3) Spot Available